Sent: 12/9/2011 3:32:23 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Israel Curtis Auctions

I want to thank you for the incredible work performed by you and your staff.  From the onset you were very professional, easy to reach, open and HONEST!  You fully delivered on everything you promised and then some. 

The process was easy and straight forward from beginning to end.  All language in your documents were thorough and easy to understand and I promptly received settlement with full itemization of everything that sold.

You came in and cleaned and organized everything prior to the sale and left the estate in better shape than when you arrived.  During the sale, your professionalism and the manner you dealt with the public was amazing.  You kept things running at a nice pace and very smoothly.  I still cannot believe that EVERYTHING sold.

I cannot thank you enough.  This was a very emotional time for myself and my family and you actually lifted some of the burden.  I have sang your praises to many and you are the only folks I would recommend.

Thank you!!!
Viola K. Prewitt

Dear Israel:

I would like to let you know that you have my support and I would, and often do, recommend you highly. Here's why: You were honest with me, you kept your word, you really worked hard to schedule my auction at the time that I needed, and you paid promptly as you agreed. Also, all your expenses came out of your portion, you didn't "nickle and dime me to death".

As a business woman, I value integrity and timeliness. You and your crew managed to move very heavy items without damage to my property, and the very few items which didn't sell at our auction you removed and sold them later and again, paid me my portion. What I really appreciated was that the entire auction and clean up was a one-day operation, something no garage-sale could have accomplished. If anyone wants to verify my statements, please feel free to have them call me.

Carol Richards Attorney at Law

Livingston Texas

Woodworking Cabinet and furniture making Shop.

Large Equipment, Power and Hand tools. June 26th 2011

I would recommend Israel to my friends and family…actually, I already did.

We found the need to auction off everything in my parents’ home and on the property after my Dad went to be with our Lord. Israel tried to make this process as painless as possible.  No one enjoys or is emotionally ready to liquidate their parent’s/spouse’s assets after a death.   Israel worked with us closely to make sure the items that we wanted to keep for sentimental reasons, etc. were tagged appropriately so as not to let them get to auction.  Since we live 5 hrs away from my Mom & Dad’s property & the auction house, this was very important to us.

While you may not get as much as YOU think your STUFF is worth, he does manage to get the most possible for your items.  He did everything he said he would do.  His contract was simple and to the  point.  Since our items were taken to his auction location, he had to haul the stuff there.  He quoted a price to do that and stuck with it, even though he had to make several more trips than he expected.  While at the auction, his staff was professional and courteous.  We provided him as much information about the history behind some of the items.  He used that information to help the interest and sell of the items.  When he saw that interest had diminished due to it being late in the day, he shut down the auction and held items over for another day.  That way he would be more likely to get the most for the remaining items.  He promptly provided the auction sales paperwork and check, normally within a week or 2.  We trusted him to do the “right thing” and we feel he did. 


Harold, Penny & Frances

April 16th 2011 Auction

Sent: 11/3/2010 7:22:53 A.M. Central Daylight
Time Subj: thank you!

Good morning, Israel,
I have asked God to give me the words that fully convey my gratitude to Him for bringing you into my life, and to you for your excellence of service in auctioning my property. You made selling it easy for me. I greatly appreciate your professionalism, warmth, and, honesty. You led me through the process with kindness, compassion, and patience. The results were nothing less than outstanding. You have a keen ability to see the real value of property. You were organized, efficient, and diligent throughout the process. Both I and the dear man who left the property to me were treated with respect and dignity. You each gave me the priceless gifts of comfort, peace, and confidence. You are His servants, and that is obvious in how you interact with people. You went above and beyond your promises in promoting and preparing the property for auction. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the auction. He took over and led the buyer's heart to bid more than he had planned. Louis would be very glad that a good man bought it. God truly answered my prayer by leading me to you. It is such a joy to have this task behind me, and I am forever grateful. I have recommended you to another person with property for sale because I have confidence in both your character and the results. May God very much bless each of you, your business, and your impact on others for Him. My words are inadequate; yet I ask our Lord to convey to you the depth of my gratitude. In His love, Jan Hughes I am writing an article about grief for my website and would like to include a link to your website. If you wish, I will email a copy of the article to you prior to publication on my website. I want people to know that there are good people out there during their difficult times.

Dear Israel,
You did such an awesome job for us! We were overwhelmed with the amount and size of the undertaking. You and your crew came in with an intense focus, willingness to work, get it done in one day and cleaned up the place besides! I'll never stop being grateful to you for that! (We'd still be dealing with it without you.) Best of all was the peace of mind that came knowing we were dealing with people who had absolute integrity and honesty. Every piece was cleaned up beautifully and we were very pleased with the financial outcome. We send you much heartfelt gratitude and our love.
Herman & Sandra Randolph
Estate Auction for Herman & Sandra Randolph, Houston, Texas